Artists Attending
Alayna Lemmer
Brian Defferding
Cataclysm Works
Characters by Design
Chou Ling, Kaskachan, Shiiso Tikku
Dead Beat Studio
Dream Stitcher Costume
Falling Rainbow Studio
Generic Dreamers
Jake "Cube Crazys" Rueth
Judge Hydrogen
Karen Scott
Kevin Bandt
Lady Enchained
Lizziebee Designs
Love Buttons
Meredith Dillman Fantasy Act
Mystic Sheep Studio / Tribute Waters
Neko Issa
No Brand Artists
Nozumi Neko
Prairie Knoll Stitchery
Privateer Fanny's Bags O'Holding
Quazo Productions
Rainarc Rhapsody
Reeves Illustration and Design
Shinigami Studios
Singing Lemur Jewelry
Studio Chu
Studio Hush
Studio Kyu
Studio Pumo
Studio Wark
Tasty Peach Studios
TS Vintage
Want to Register?
Download the
2010 Artist Alley Form!

Please mail this form to:

PO Box 5191
Madison, WI 53705
Artist Alley Registrations are Closed
Geek.Kon 2010 is no longer taking submissions for Artist Alley. We thank you for your interest in participating in the Artist Alley, and encourage you to come to the convention.
Artist Alley Policies
Artist Alley (henceforth referred to as AA) is a place where artists can display and sell their artwork and crafts.
The person selling items at their AA table MUST have made all items themselves, or have permission from the artist to sell the items.
Prices for Artist Alley tables are as follows (exhibitors must also have purchased a con badge for each individual):
  • Three day table fee: $30
  • Friday only: $15
  • Saturday only: $20
  • Sunday only: $15
At the time an exhibitor requests a table, an explanation and sample image of the art intended to be shown and sold should also be included in order to better facilitate table placement and advertising. All table requests must be received by June 30, 2010.
Items that may be sold in AA:
  • Any products featuring your own creations (includes fanart).
  • Commissioned and hand-drawn works.
  • Unique, individual, hand-made items (including jewelry, clothing, etc...)
  • Doujinshi, fanzines, and similar items.
REMEMBER, Geek.kon is a PG-13 convention. This means no adult material can be in public view.
Any adult or questionable material that is present must be shown only by request or be in a specifically designated binder.
Con Staff reserve the right to request AA exhibitors remove any artwork from view that is considered in violation of a PG-13 rating.
When showing adult material to individuals who request it, please ask for id. Any AA exhibitors found to consistently disobey convention rules, hotel rules, or staff directions may be asked to remove themselves from the premises without refund.
Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.
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