Anime, sci-fi, tabletop gaming, and video gaming: each a mighty geekdom in its own right, but together, they are one of the most powerful forces in the universe. On the rare occasions that they align in one place, artifacts of great power are known to materialize. Such a thing has happened at this very convention: a variety of magic gems are available to those with the wits and will to seek them. Mysterious forces (known to some as Mecha Turbo Space Wizards) are willing to pay (and pay well!) for these gems... And so you, as adventurers from the four geekdoms, have congregated here to compete for their favor. Whether you are an ambitious and feisty catgirl, a Dalek from many lightyears away, a gold farmer looking for a better life than can be found in Azeroth, or an elven bard from the Krynngotten Realms, your goal is to secure as many different magical gems as possible and make the biggest trade.
How Do I Play?
Come to the Monona Room Friday 8 PM - 10 PM or Saturday 10 AM - 9 PM to create a character and receive some starting equipment cards. Then participate in the 30 events around the room whenever it's convenient for you. You can come and go as you please. Combat events at the Fighter's Guild will require dexterity, reflexes, and teamwork. The Water Temple's puzzles will test your logical reasoning. To survive the Osaka High Art and Drama Club's events you'll need creativity and perhaps a bit of artistic talent. There are gambling challenges at the Cantina, and even a small trading card-type game called Minifighters, which you can learn and play at the Minifighters Arena. Challenges require different numbers of players, so come alone or with friends; you can find partners in the event room.
How Do I Win?
The grand prize and other prizes are awarded differently. The grand prize will go to the player who amassed the most unique gems by the end of the event on Saturday at 9 PM. The other prizes will be awarded via raffle: each unique gem you turn in earns you another entry into the raffle. (Yes, you can win prizes even if you only end up with a couple gems!)

Also, the first 20 players to create a character will receive a special Topaz gem card, not obtainable in any other way! See you in the Monona Room!
Compete for prizes including: Geek Gil and free registration to Geek.Kon 2011!
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