Victorian Lounge
After a rather raucous Saturday night, enjoy a little culture and civility in our Victorian lounge. Open throughout Sunday, the lounge with its nostalgic Victorian theme is the perfect place to unwind after a busy convention weekend. Attendees are welcome to pass in and out throughout the day and partake of the lovely amenities available. Listen to soothing Victorian era music, read a book in the reading parlour, play a friendly game of black-jack or poker at the cards table, or simply enjoy the art of conversation. The Victorian lounge will also house the Steampunk Mystery Tea Parties as well as the Victorian Book Club panel so feel free to dress for tea, or bring your favorite piece of Victorian literature to share and discuss.
Steampunk-Wonderland Tea Parties
Enjoy a little tea at the tea party but beware, a saboteur is among us! On a trip across the Atlantic aboard a brand new airship, 16 passengers find themselves confronted with the fact that there is a saboteur among them and within an hour their sabotage will take place. It is up to each passenger to put together the bits of information and clues they have to prevent them all from suffering a horrible demise! There will be 3 tea parties and they are free for convention attendees, but each hour is limited to 16 participants so sign up ahead of time at the door by the Victorian lounge. Please sign up for only 1 slot.
Victorian Book Club
Meeting in the reading parlour area of the Victorian lounge, the book club is open to anyone who would like to share and discuss their favorite works of Victorian era literature. Attendees are welcome to discuss the works of Dickens, Kipling, Doyle, Brontė, Twain, Stoker, Poe, Caroll, Wilde, Wells, and all the other visionary authors that made the Victorian era the treasure trove of great literature it is known for today. A small selection of titles will be provided but feel free to bring your own books to discuss.
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