Programming 1
Saturday, 9:00 pm 4:00 am
DJ Scottaconda is back again for his 3rd year hosting the Geek.Kon Mixer! With a massive variety of music to choose from, DJ Scottaconda brings the variety, energy, and fun that every get dance needs to get people in the mood to move. In 2010, Geek.Kon will continue in its quest to show that geeks are more than meets the eye. We're not only savvy in the ways of anime, manga, comic books, sci fi, fantasy etc... we know how to get down, party hard and dance to the point the floors shake for the next 20 miles! This year DJ Scottaconda will be employing the help of several of his fellow DJs: DJ OpM, DJ Jeffito, DJ Soul Rocker, DJ Just Elmo and DJ Stickeee Fingahzz will ensure that this will be the most energetic, longest, best mixer yet!
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