Geek.Kon 2010 Masquerade Ball
The Masquerade Ball is a formal dance in which participants attend in costume wearing a mask. The Geek.Kon ball will be a formal atmosphere in which certain dress codes will be applied. The purpose of this ball is to be fun, so the rules are not meant to be restrictive, merely guidelines for your own creativity. There are some outfits more suitable for raves, and some more suitable for formal dances. This event is the later. We want this to be fun, while still maintaining a ballroom atmosphere. Please use your best judgment and follow the rules outlined below. If you have any questions on what is considered “formal” please contact Sarah Bloy at Cosplay(dot)Mavin(at)gmail(dot)com.
Prices for the Ball
(All proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association)
Geek.Kon Attendees: $3 (other donations accepted)
Community Members: $10

Masks available for purchase for $2 before the ball or at the door. All masks donated by the Madison Area Costume Society. Only available while supplies last. There will be a mask-making workshop where the masks may be purchased and decorated.
Rules for Dress
  • Every attendee must have a mask.
  • The mask must match the formal atmosphere. (No ski masks, hockey masks, grotesque monster masks etc.)
    • Exceptions can be made to match a specific character costume (see Character Costume rules below)
  • Undecorated masks are acceptable.
  • A limited supply of decorated masks will be available at the event for an additional $2 donation.
  • If you have any questions on if a specific mask will be allowed, please contact Sarah Bloy at Cosplay(dot)Mavin(at)gmail(dot)com.
  • Modern Dress
    • Any form of modern formal wear is acceptable.
      • Ball gown/Prom dress/wedding dress/cocktail dress/That hideous pink bridesmaid gown you found at a thrift store and didn’t buy because you didn’t have a place to wear it.
      • Formal suits/Tuxedos.
      • Please note not every suit falls under this category. Unacceptable suits include:
        • Stereotypical ‘used car salesman’ suits.
        • Business casual suits.
        • Any suit with the word “casual” in the description.
      • Ridiculous formal suits (ex. A lime green tuxedo) are A-OK.
      • Any military dress uniform
    • There are no specific rules of dress based on gender or sex.
    • If you could wear it at a state dinner and not get thrown out, you can wear it here.
  • Historical
    • Any historical period is acceptable so long as it adheres to the modern rules of decency and state law.
    • This ball would fall under the same category as a meeting with whoever the ruler was of that time period and place. No work clothing.
    • Mixing historical dress periods is just fine, so long as each piece would be considered formal.
    • Steampunk falls under this category, and is acceptable so long as the base costume is formal wear.
  • Character Costumes
    • Character costumes apply to any costume that is a recreation of a character from any media source or originally designed character.
    • All character costumes must be formal wear versions of the character and include a mask.
    • The definition of formal can either be a modern definition, or that which is found in the character’s source material. Examples of source material formal:
      • The Star Trek TNG Formal Uniform. (the dress)
      • Yuuri’s (Kyou Kara Maou) king outfit that looks like a school uniform.
      • Any military dress uniform.
      • The normal uniforms or attire for the Hetalia characters would not count as those are field uniforms. Put 'em in something nice.
    • Exceptions can be made for characters that would logically wear the same outfit. Examples below:
      • Darth Vader. (The suit keeps him alive)
      • Jedi/Monks etc (anyone with a vow of poverty/not allowed to care about material possessions)
      • Guards accompanying an important figure.
      • Storm Troopers accompanying Darth Vader as they do not have a formal equivalent.
      • Zombies with torn and bloody outfits are permissible so long as the outfits used to be formal)
        • Ex. The nurses from Silent Hill are not acceptable in their nurse uniforms, but would be acceptable in a cocktail dress.
      • This exception does not include characters who just wouldn’t care enough to put on a nice outfit.
        • We all know characters that would show up in front of the emperor wearing jeans and a ratty t-shirt. If you plan to come as one of these characters please assume they were forced into whatever is considered formal for their source material.
      • In the same vein, if the character just doesn’t own any fancy clothes, just assume they found some for the ball.

    • Examples of costumes that are not acceptable:

      • L in his normal attire.
      • The Sailor Senshi in their uniforms. Those are field uniforms and they have princess gowns.
      • Bleach Shinigami are field uniforms. Festival yukata are acceptable.
      • Any incarnation of the The Doctor in his usual attire. After 45 years, there are plenty of episodes where he dresses up.
      • Legolas in his Fellowship attire. That, too, is field clothing. He has a nice, pretty outfit he wore to Aragorn's coronation. This is true of all LotR characters.
    • If you are unsure if your character costume fits the requirements ask yourself, “If my character were going to a formal ball held by the leader of either their or our country, what would they wear that wouldn’t get them thrown out?”
Other Information
Charity Raffle
To further help raise funds for the MDA, we will be holding a charity raffle. Tickets will be available at the door for $.50 each. Items will be announced closer to date and may include items not previously announced.
Mask-Making Workshop
If you find yourself without a mask, there will be a mask-making workshop prior to the ball. Mask-making supplies will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Formal Dance Workshop
If you are interested in learning some of the dances that might pop up at the ball, come and learn dances such as the waltz or the pavanne.
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