This year, Geek.Kon welcomes the Spoony Bards and Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies. Along with their Saturday morning concert, the Spoony Bards will play throughout the weekend in various locations.
The Spoony Bards
The Spoony Bards perform anime and video game music, from Beck and Cowboy Bebop to Final Fantasy and Super Smash Brothers. Come see them play and bring a bagel for "Breakfast with The Bards" 10am-Noon on Saturday.
Concert Times
Friday: 6 - 8 PM Video Game Room
Saturday: 10 AM - 12 PM Main Programming (Breakfast with the Bards)
Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies!
This year, close out the convention with a bang! Dr. Cancer was an unsuccessful, washed up, loner until he had a great idea. Take over the world using the untapped potential of Ska music. By reanimated bodies of dead musicians Dr. Cancer created the SKAmbies! An undead musical force to be reckoned with. They play a few unique and intriguing originals and combine them with a postmortem take on songs you may know. Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! plan to recruit you, as the SKAmbie Army grows every day. Check Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies! out on both Myspace and Facebook.
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